Welcome, Al-Mawrid Weekend Islamic School's website.
Adhering to the glorious past of Muslim academia, Al-Mawrid has always held Islamic knowledge and research central to its mission. Deeply rooted in this academic tradition, we consider ourselves a torch-bearer for the change. A change that calls for a revolutionary revival of this prestigious tradition. In this epoch of empirical-naturalism, Islam is the only possible religion which can enlighten the logical mind. It explains the link of a Transcendent God and empirical causality. Islam is a lighthouse in the darkness of materialism. We are its keepers, so let's keep it lit forever. Al-Mawrid welcomes everyone who is curious about Islam, wants to understand Islam in its entirety, desires to be well-informed, plans to become a scholar of Islam and wishes to undertake the responsibility of its education and above all, who strive to be good a practising Muslim. In coming years, Al-Mawrid plans to teach numerous live online courses through this institute. I look forward to you joining us as a student, become a supporter and a well-wisher of this institute.
Peace be upon you
Sajid Hameed